Year 11 Street Art Sculpture

3 Sep 2012

Category: Art, Art Lesson Plans

After our day trip to the city to look at street art, my year 11s were totally inspired to pepper the school grounds with unsolicited artworks. Here are a few pieces they came up with.

This was created by Laura. Her message with this piece was to depict a need for humans to grow together more easily, the way that flowers do. She used an interesting technique with the flowers, by dipping them in melted wax and spray painting over them.

This was created by Iliwa. Her love and the world’s love, of music is depicted by the golden microphone.

puppet on a string
According to Natalie, we are all puppets on strings. Lucky for many of us, we’re not hanging off twine from the pipes outside an art room.

michael jackson sculpture
And of course, how can one not give an A+++ (not that it exists anymore! It should, I say!! Especially reserved for artworks that honour MJ!) to Daniella for her dedication to Michael.