Welcome 2015!

16 Jan 2015

Category: Design, Home Decor

Another year is upon us and what a year it’s going to be! Yep, the day has finally come everyone- I’m going to be a Mum! Looks weird even writing the word ‘Mum’ but come February 26th (give or take a few weeks, or not!! Eeek!) our little ‘bundle of joy’ will be here!

It’s been lovely being on holidays but with my bump getting bigger by the minute, getting anything done without working up a sweat, has been a challenge. Setting up baby’s nursery is underway, with only a couple of additions left to go. As is typical with me, I like to leave boring necessary items (crib, drawers, shelving) until last and focus on the most important aspects of any room, such as artwork and other miscellaneous decorations.

Thought I’d share a few of those items with you today…

Below is baby’s Christmas present from Aunty Claudia. It was a commission of sorts but my brief consisted only of one word – animals. After searching the internet for nursery art and finding elephant after elephant holding a bunch of balloons, I think this work is such a breath of fresh air. Thanks Claud! Keep an eye on her blog– I think I’ve convinced her to create a range of these drawings so other babies can have a bit of her magic in their rooms.

Now, as much as I try to stick to handmade whenever possible, there are some things that you can buy that are pretty lovely too. I bought this dream catcher from Ishka. They are having a huge clearance sale at the moment with crazy price cuts, so pop in if you get the chance. Some great bargains to pick up. By the way, yes – the dream catcher is pretty girly and no, I don’t know what gender the baby is. It’s staying, no matter what!


Another bought item that I love. Cotton ball string fairy lights. You can pick these lights up at most major shopping centres if you’re happy to pay around $45. But if you’re like me and love a bargain plus don’t mind waiting for the delivery dude, you can pick them up on eBay for around $21 with free postage. Plus, they arrived in 7 days! I reckon these are better too – the ones I bought are battery operated which means you can put them wherever you like without worrying about a plug. The store bought ones, from what I saw, needed mains power and colour options were somewhat limited.


Ok, one more bought item and I’m a little ashamed to admit that this was an impulse buy at IKEA. Animal finger puppets! Hold on, hear me out – the idea is that I’m going to stuff them and create a mobile out of them. Making them would require designing them, buying the felt, cutting, stitching, sewing and for under $9.99? I don’t think so! Have I justified my purchase yet? I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the mobile. Hopefully.


So back to handmade goodness, the blanket below was a gift from a lady at work (who I’m not even particularly close with!) I was so overwhelmed to receive this because of the time I know it takes to make things like this. Although, I guess I’m thinking about how long it would take me because according to Carmen, “Oh, don’t be silly! It didn’t take long at all!” I think I believe her.



Another gift from an equally talented knitter/crocheter whom I work with. I love how all the yellow buttons are recycled. One of them says, ‘Calvin Klein’. Heheh.


A Christmas gift from another aunty. A Great-aunty in fact. A magnificent print from Aunty Gabrielle’s book The Wishbird. When I look at all these gorgeous things that have been made for this little being whom no one has even met yet, it’s so lovely to think that this little baby will have so many talented people making up his/her circle of friends and family. I’m pretty sure baby will be showered with handmade things for the rest of its life. I hope so, anyway.