War on Waste

16 Jun 2017

Category: DIY & Crafts, Gardening

If you haven’t watched ‘The War on Waste‘ on the ABC, just watch it. I thought I was pretty recycle savvy- turns out I wasn’t. But I feel like I now have some extra tools to really reduce my footprint.
One thing that infuriates me about supermarket shoppping is the amount of plastic used. It’s almost inescapable. Why does a cucumber need to be wrapped in plastic?! Arghhh!
Surprisingly there are fruit and veg loose and free of plastic packaging, so the last thing we should be doing is popping our loose carrots in a plastic bag.

ONYA reusable fruit veg bags

These reusable produce bags by ONYA are the perfect way to take home your fresh produce, whether it be from the supermarket or your local market. Made from recycled water bottles, you can grab a pack of 5 for around $15 and easily carry them in a little pouch in your hand bag. I bought mine from Shop Naturally.

This week our red garbage bin was about 1/4 full. Usually it’s about 1/2 to 3/4 full. We’ve made one small change. Separating all our soft plastic. It now gets collected in a bag in our under sink cupboard which will eventually be taken to one of the RedCycle deposit points at either Coles or Woolies. How did I not know about these deposit points??! Because it hasn’t been promoted! WTF?! Now I (you?) know!

RedCycle soft plastic recycling

Hard plastics and paper go to the yellow recycle bin. Check.
Soft plastics go to the RedCycle recycling bins at Coles or Woolies. Check.
Food scraps? Enter my new worm farm!
Ok, so I just set this up today. Nothing to report yet but I am so excited about adding our first food scraps into the Can-o-Worms.

Worm farming

So with paper, hard and soft plastics and food scraps taken care of.. what’s left?
Hopefully nothing! And within a few months, our red rubbish bin will be empty on Thursday rubbish night as opposed to Friday morning.

There are so many major environmental problems we can’t control but controlling what we are capable of is our responsibility as citizens of the world. I feel so great about making these small changes and I look forward to sharing these with Ivy.