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22 Dec 2009

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My Favourite Giveaway blogs

My latest give away is doing super well, and I must admit that having my giveaway featured on a few of these sites, helps a lot!

After scouring the net in search of the best giveaway blogs, this is a list of my top 12! I ranked them in order of the amount and range of giveaway prizes and/or the amount of visitors that being featured with them, brought to my site.

Starting from…

12. Blogaways

Offering a wide range of different giveaways and not being specific to a certain type of product. They also offer discount offers and coupons.

11. Free Blog Giveaways

This blog is updated daily and offers a wide variety of different prizes. It’s easy to navigate with a running list of giveaways in order of their closing date.

10. The Giveaway Diva

This diva blog gives away a lot of girly and girly affiliated prizes. Some lovely jewelry is always up for grabs.

9. Fashion Fling

This blog offers a range of discounted products and giveaways on a range of girly products, including dresses and jewelry.

8. Fabulous Fun Finds

Offering a huge variety of giveaway prizes, from jewelry, to kids’ stuff to mums’ stuff. Really easy to navigate and enter by following each post’s instructions.

7. Etsy It up

You’ll love this site if you’re an Etsy seller or buyer. It features reviews along with giveaways and discounts sponsored by etsy sellers. Each giveaway gets an average of 200 entrants.

6. Contest Girl

A little difficult to navigate but it offers 1000s of giveaways! Not very personalised but somehow, a lot of my giveaway entrants come from here.

5. Blog Giveaways

A variety of different giveaway prizes are offered here and it’s really easy to navigate. From pickles to shawls, cameras to gift certificates.

4. Comping Club

This is just for Aussies but competitions may be open to world wide entrants. A whole range of different types of competitions are listed, from mail competitions, to online entries with all different entry requirements. A huge number of my giveaway entries come from this site.

3. Audrey’s Giveaways

Audrey has hosted a number of giveaways for me and many of my entrants have come directly from her site. She also does a little interview with the giveaway host, which is a lovely touch.

2. Online Sweepstakes

This is another HUGE database of giveaways and sweepstakes. The site features big prizes, small prizes, daily draws and simple entries. You can win anything from cash to cars, from gift certificates to accessories. You can post your giveaway here, no matter how small or large it is and be sure to have a large amount of readers enter your give away.

1. Etsy Giveaways

Ok, if you’re an etsy junkie like me and love all things etsy, this one is for you. It’s made my number one spot not only because it promotes etsy sellers, but because it makes entering handmade giveaways super easy! It has a list of expiring soon give aways and the main give away items feature pictures with clear entry information and best of all it’s updated almost every day giving you heaps of chances to win, win, win!

Oh, by the way, most of these sites allow you to submit your giveaway via a form or email, without having to register to the site, which makes it really easy.

If anyone has or knows of any other ones, leave a comment with a link so we can all know about it!

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