The 12 Month Craft The World Challenge!

10 May 2010

Category: DIY & Crafts

carft challenge

Here it is everyone the 12 month CRAFT THE WORLD challenge! Are you up for it?

Here’s how the CRAFT THE WORLD Challenge works:There are going to be 12 themes over 12 months. The challenge is to interpret the theme in whatever way you like and create something crafty based on that theme. It can be something totally original, or you can take someone else’s idea and put your own personal spin on it! Handmade paper, pieces of jewelry, illustrations, clothing – whatever you like, so long as the month’s theme is tied in some how. You have 1 month to make it!

Creating your piece for each month starts from the date listed and you should post the results of your piece on your blog, with info and pictures, by the start of the next month.

The months and themes are as follows:

JUNE 2010 Black & White

JULY 2010 Nature

AUGUST 2010 Music or Michael Jackson


OCTOBER 2010 Shapes

NOVEMBER 2010 Faces

DECEMBER 2010 Water

JANUARY 2011 Β Shoes

FEBRUARY 2011 Garden

MARCH 2011 Β Friendship

APRIL 2011 Ice Cream

MAY 2011 Solar System

You still have a few weeks to think about it (what’s to think about!?) and start your monthly creation for June with the theme of ‘Black & White’

If you’d like to join the challenge, leave your name and blog in a comment below and I’ll add you to the list.

I’d love for this challenge to be super huge, so please tell all your crafty friends about it and get them to sign up!


Can I start the challenge in October or November, for instance?

Yep! You can start the challenge whenever you like.

Are there any expectations of the post? Eg. Are photos required during the process or just a final one?

It’s totally up to you if you put up photos of the process, but one photo of the final piece would be great. It would also be cool if you could put up any sources of your inspiration, e.g. website links. This way, everyone can have a go at making it.

Does my craft piece have to be original?

No, you can try someone else’s idea as long as you credit them with a link in your post. Your creation must of course, also tie in with the month’s theme.

How closely fitting to the theme does my piece have to be?

Not that close at all really! Colour could be something enough to tie in a theme. E.g. If the theme was apples, you could create something in red. An apple is red.

What happens if I miss a month?

Nothing. Simply move on to the next month.

I don’t have a blog. Can I still participate?

If you have another way of posting monthly photos of your creations, i.e. through Flickr, Facebook etc, then yes. If not, no.

What do I get if I complete the whole 12 month challenge?

You’ll get a special, ‘I completed the 12 month CRAFT THE WORLD challenge’ badge for your blog. You’ll also be featured in various crafting sites around the net. But what more could you want than the self satisfaction and self pride!?

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Just leave a comment below with your name and a URL of where you’ll be posting your monthly creations and I’ll add you to the list!

Don’t forget to tell the world you’re participating by popping up the CRAFT THE WORLD CHALLENGE badge, on your site!

PLUS, please make sure that when leaving a link to your Month’s entry on this site, please leave your link in a comment on the month’s related post, not in this post. Thanks guys!




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