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8 Aug 2010

Category: DIY & Crafts

mother lode

This Sunday’s Superstar is… Mother Lode

Welcome! What is it your company does?
I was a photographer for two years before the birth of our second child. I’ve decided to put my business on hold for now, to enjoy these early preschool years with our two children.

Tell us a bit more about your work/company:
Even though I’m currently not scheduling photo sessions with clients, I’m still practicing photography. I shoot for fun, when I can squeeze it in, and use my blog as a place to share my photography.

What makes your work unique?
I have a passion for honouring children’s art! I love to find new ways to showcase our children’s art, whether it be incorporated into a sewing project, a fun display in the home, a treasured keepsake gift for a family member or friend, or archived in a book or print.

custom art cards

How would you best describe your aesthetic?
Whimsical, colorful, fun!

Why did you name your company what you did? Does it have any special meaning?
The name Mother Lode is a play on words. The meaning of a mother lode, a principal source or supply, seemed fitting for the purpose I had for my blog– a place where ideas and creativity intersect, to be a source of inspiration to myself and others on our parenting journeys.

I wanted a place to share many of the wonderful ideas I come across in blogland,as well as a little corner of my own to share my own projects and passions, a big one being to keep practicing my photography even while on extended maternity leave.

What 3 words best describe you:
creative, color-crazy, wordy

Painting shells

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you “grew up”?
I dreamed about being a teacher, a mom, and owning my own business. I’ve had an entrepreneurial streak from a very young age. In the second grade, a friend and I started our own popcorn business in the neighbourhood. We’d ring all the doors Friday evening, take everyone’s order, and then deliver the popcorn Saturday night. We were the richest seven year olds in town!

What/who inspires and/or influences you?

My children are a huge source of inspiration. They inspire me to be a better person everyday! And I feel there’s something sacred about giving birth to a child, the greatest creation one can aspire to, that has fully awakened my creative spirit. I feel a deep desire to make art and creativity an integral part of our home and part of the foundation for nurturing and raising our children.

painting with wild flowers

“I feel a deep desire to make art and creativity an integral part of our home and part of the foundation for nurturing and raising our children.”

painting wild flowers

Where do you want and what do you want to be doing in 5 years time?
Oh, how I dream! But I actually don’t have any concrete plans for the future in five years. I was worried that I would feel ungrounded and really lost, maybe even resentful, when I decided to put my photography business on hold.

I’m feeling a bit zen-like, just going with the flow, being mama, and I feel like not having a plan is opening me up to options I may not have considered had I stayed hyper focused and super busy with my photography, and super stressed trying to juggle it all. To me it’s the best of both worlds – enjoying this time with my little ones while keeping open to what the future holds!

What advice do you have for other artists, crafters and designers?
Focus less on what will make money, and more what will make your heart happy – you’ll be richer in the end.


Ok, so I think Camille’s Children’s Softies (featured above) are really clever and very, very cute. She takes children’s drawings, transfers them to fabric and makes the most lovable little creatures! Not only do they make great play companions but they are the perfect way to immortalize your child’s artwork!

And guess what!? Camille has offered to personally make one for one lucky reader! All you have to do is introduce us to the child who’s artwork, you would like to have turned into the cutest little softie. Tell us in a comment, their name and what kind of little person they are.

If you are chosen as the winner, we’ll ask you to send us an email with an image of the lucky child’s drawing for Camille to work with. The only condition of entry is that the child is 5 years old or younger.

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