Printing on Ceramic with 3D objects

3 Feb 2013

Category: Art, Art Lesson Plans

I received a comment from Carol today with a variation on my nature collages that I did with year 7s last year. When she described her idea, I thought – “Hold on! I’ve done that! But where is it on my blog?? Did I never post about it?”

It seems I didn’t! So, here it is – This is a work in progress and it grows every year. I have done this task with every year 7 class I’ve had for the past 2 years. Everyone cuts out a brick shape out of clay, about 1cm thick, and impresses nature objects, classroom objects, anything which will make an interesting print into the clay.

Once fired, glazes are applied and rubbed back to highlight the lovely patterns created. Every student’s brick then gets glued onto the brick wall outside the art room.


I think it’s a lovely thing for Year 7s to see a piece of their work outside, that they can keep pointing to saying, “That’s mine!”

This wall keeps growing every semester!