Opportunity shops in Melbourne's East

10 Jan 2009

Category: Op Shopping

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As promised, today I will start the updates on my favourite Opportunity shops around Melbourne. Appologies for those who don’t live in Melbourne, you may still enjoy looking at some of the pics of cool things I’ve found.

I thought I would do this in a series of 4, which will be divided into North, South, East and West Melbourne, and I’ll give you my top 3 Op shops in that area. Today I thought I would start with the East, seeing as though I frequent the shops in this area more than the others.

Today we went to buy some new pet fish (as all our old fish have sadly passed on) and the fish shop on Glenferrie Road in Malvern that we frequent was closed. I couldn’t just go home empty handed now, could I? Across the street is one of my favourite Salvation Army stores.

I have been looking for a lolly jar for ages! I finally found one! I think I’m going to fill it up with m&ms or some other colourful candy that I won’t be tempted to eat.

It was only $3.99, at the Salvos, 57 Glenferrie Road Malvern, VIC 3144 (03) 9576 0642

Opening Hours

Mon- Fri: 9.30 – 5.30 Sat: 9-5

Yesterday I was on my way to get petrol and well, could I resist popping into the Op shop across the street? Nope.

And look! Only $5 at Arthritis Victoria’s Op shop, 1428 High Street, Malvern, (03) 9509 6263

This shop is great because it’s extra small and really jam packed full of goodies! It also probably wouldn’t have as much foot traffic as a Salvo’s store, so all the more for us!

Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm
Saturday 9.00am to 12.00pm

I haven’t worn this gorgeous silk scarf yet, but look at the detail in the pattern. The border reminds me of a doodle you would draw with a biro while talking on the phone.

This scarf was only $2 at St James Op Shop 1378 Malvern Road TOORONGA VIC 3144.

This Op Shop is so good because like, Arthritis Victoria, it’s really small, but it does have two rooms with kitchen and glassware out the back. In the front room they have huge boxes stuffed full of scarves, ties, ribbons, shawls, all there ready for you to rummage through. This is definately my favourite of the three because I always seem to walk out with something really elegant and unique. The only bad thing about this place is its trading hours and no weekend opening. If you work all day, it’s a bit of a challenge getting there. Very worthwhile though.


Does anyone know of any others in the East that are worth mentioning??