June Winter woolies

12 Jun 2010

Category: Op Shopping

wrist warmers

Ahh.. I can’t believe it’s been 7 days since my last post! That’s what the end of term does to me. Keeps me away from my blog! Damn you end of term. Ok, so remember the woolie winter gloves I bought on Etsy a while ago? Here they are in the beautiful orange I ordered. I haven’t received them yet and boy, have my hands been cold. Come on postal system!

orange scarf

A little collection of last weekend’s op shops finds. How well do the Etsy wrist warmers match with this wooly scarf? The boy and I are sharing the scarf, but the gloves and watch are exclusively his. Can’t say I’m a fan of that watch.

Never been a fan of blue but I must say I am warming to the colour, so much so that I have bought two blue skirts in as many weeks! One was only 99c on ebay, so why not hey?!

Looking forward to wearing blue and orange. Great colour combo! What colours do you wear in winter?