Ivy’s TWO-tti frutti party

23 Apr 2017

Category: Baby, DIY & Crafts

Pineapple cake

Over a month ago now, Ivy’s 2nd birthday party was a TWO-tti Frutti theme inspired by her love of fruit. It was a lovely afternoon spent with friends and family, despite the fact Ivy had an ear infection and was feeling horrible. There were lots of extra fruity ideas I had planned for this party, but they never eventuated. Ivy was hanging off my hip and crying most of the day, so I had to let the ideas go. I was lucky to even get the cake done! Here are the few snaps that I managed to take on the day.

Two-tii Frutti party

Two-tti frutti party

Fruit platter

Strawberry cheesecake

Tutti frutti balloons

Strawberry balloon

Fruit decorations

Banana top

Fruit print dress

Tutti frutti invitations

Tutti frutti favour bags

Looking forward to Ivy’s 3rd (!!!!) birthday and all the fun and games her 3rd year will bring us. We’re strapping ourselves in now!

Thanks to all below for their contributions:

Cake: Hummingbird cake with cream cheese icing. Real pineapple leaves.
Ivy name cake topper: Fran Johnson House Etsy
Strawberry Cheesecake: Gluten Shmooten
Fresh Fruit: Queen Victoria Market
Ivy is 2 sign: I Am Claudia
Strawberry balloons: Spotlight. Green leaf added by your’s truly.
Honeycomb fruit: eBay
Ballon fruit bunch: Me
Banana top I’m wearing: Salvo store Malvern (ha!)
Ivy’s fruit print dress: eBay
Invitations: Designed by me. Printed at Officeworks.
Fruit print calico favour bags: Adelles Etsy
Love: Our very special family and friends