Ivy’s first birthday!

8 Mar 2016

Category: Baby


I know! One!!!!!
Before Ivy was born, I thought first birthday parties were a bit silly. The kid doesn’t know it’s their birthday, what’s the point? But as Ivy’s birthday approached, I began to think there was much to celebrate, not simply the day she was born, but more about our first year as parents!
Rainbow tutu
So we celebrated on Sunday with close family and friends. And it was a beautiful day (Despite the fact Ivy was a grump for much of it!). One of the things that I have been completely overwhelmed by is how much love our family and friends have for her. It’s amazing how this little girl is so loved and cherished and we’ve only known her for a year!

Rainbow theme birthday party

Ivy rainbow cake

Rainbow birthday cake

Rainbow party

A big thank you to all my family and friends. We love you all very much and Ivy is so lucky to have you all in her life.
And thank you to Ivy for coming into my life and opening my world up to a new kind of love…

By the way, we are still eating the delicious rainbow cake. Big thanks to Handmade Especially for her super fun (and yum) creation!