Ivy Alessandra

10 Jun 2015

Category: Baby

Well, you can tell something big has happened in my life when I haven’t written a post since January! Yes.. I became a Mum on March 5th! Everything in my life has been basically BABY since about February and I guess, continues to be.

Ivy Alessandra is her name and this week she’ll be 14 weeks. We chose the name Ivy for a few reasons; Ivy is strong, grows almost anywhere, reaches great heights but has roots firmly in the ground and is resilient. Qualities that her Dad and I hope she develops as she grows. Her middle name Alessandra was chosen as an Italian addition with her Chinese surname. I’m avoiding putting pictures of her online. I think it should be up to her when she decides to start her cyber footprint but let’s just say, she’s the best thing I’ve ever made.

Call it Mother’s instinct but I always felt that she was going to be a girl. So much so that when she was born, her gender didn’t cross my mind. I just knew. They say boy or girl, it doesn’t matter, as long as they’re healthy.. and that’s very true. But just quietly, I am so excited to be a Mum to a girl. Less noise, less dirt, less cleaning, less smells.. (or am I fooling myself?)

And so, my eBay career has been reborn. No longer do I find it fun buying for myself. It’s now all about this little girl who couldn’t care less about what colour cardie she’s wearing, but that’s not the point. The point is.. well, I don’t actually know what it is but I am absolutely loving picking up gorgeous mini bargains for her.

There are some absolutely gorgeous baby shops about with the most adorable items but spending $60 on a pair of booties just seems ludicrous.

Here are some of the Winter bargains I’ve picked up for Ivy during her short 3 months. Looking forward to sharing future finds with you all too.

baby head band
Buy this beanie here!

baby head band in pink
See more colours and buy here!

baby crochet beanies
See more colours and buy here!

baby crochet beanies
Buy these beanies here!

baby ugg boots
Buy these Uggs here!

p.s. I’m on Maternity leave until.. not sure when… so art lesson ideas will be on hold for a while. Can’t wait to hold mini art lessons at home with Miss Ivy that’s for sure!