Food fashion and my starvation

11 Apr 2011

Category: Fashion

burger dress

OH.MY.GOD. I am soooooooooo hungry! Since I had all my wisdom teeth removed on Friday, I have been living on yoghurt, pureed apple and pumpkin soup. EEuuk! I’m not asking for much am I? A burger, or a pizza, a piece of bread for heaven’s sake or just something that isn’t MASHED!

bread shoes

Ohhh… what I’d do for a bread roll!
pizza dress

Or a slice of Pizza!!! (I’d even eat Dominos at this point. And that’s saying something!)

egg dress

All those people who’ve spoken of the pain associated with Wisdom teeth surgery were wrong! The only pain I’ve experienced thus far is seeing my loved ones sink their teeth into pies and bowls of spaghetti, while I’m slurping down apple puree like a 97 year old. Today is day 3……strength….

Oh! By the way, the hospital never gave me my teeth back! I needed that tooth fairy cash dammit!