Duct tape and a nappy box

12 Jul 2016

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Duct tape storage box

With a one year old’s ever growing collection of stuff, it’s hard to maintain any sense of ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. But, I am trying to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. I hope that’s setting an example for Ivy as well.

Duct tape storage box eBay tape

Every couple of weeks we go through one of these nappy boxes and they are the perfect size for storing stuff! But without a bit of TLC, the box looks like a bit of rubbish.
Duct tape to the rescue! Open up the box and run strips of tape along the entire outside of the box. No need to bother with the folding flaps.

Duct tape storage box how to

Duct tape storage box progress

Cut off the folding flaps and run an extra bit of tape along the top to neaten it up. Use clear tape to seal the box back up again.
So simple! So organised. Ahh.

I bought the colourful duct tape for $3.99 per roll here on eBay.

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