Clay Relief Portraits and self identity

12 Nov 2014

Category: Art, Art Lesson Plans

My Year 9s and I spent a large part of this term looking at self Portraiture. I must say, with an unusually high number of girls in this class, studying our own faces was met with much hesitation! This project’s theme of self identity was tied in with the book ‘The Running Man’ which my class was studying in English.


Many of the girls were anxious about reflecting on their own self image and over coming this took a few lessons. We got there in the end and the results were pretty great. A beautiful reflection of the beautiful girls in this class.


If I was to do this task again, I would have sanded back the coloured glaze before firing to reveal some contrast between the glaze and the terracotta.



Below is the handout I gave the class in preparation for this task.