Artist Facebook pages

19 Nov 2012

Category: Art Lesson Plans

Warhol, Matisse, da Vinci, van Gogh and Monet… What would these famous artist’s Facebook pages look like if they were alive today? Considering that about 80% of my year 9 class use Facebook, here’s a little 1.5 hour lesson that I thought might be a fun way to learn a few things about some of the world’s most loved artists.

We worked in groups of 4. Each group received a colour copy handout with information and pictures about their artist.


I also gave them a copy of a Facebook page template. They could cut this up and use elements for their final poster.


This project could also work really well if you have access to a computer lab, with the internet and Photoshop. This way, you wouldn’t even need the hand outs. The kids could find their own info and pictures!


For a last minute idea, I think this project worked pretty well! Despite the fact that many of the kids thought it was a lame project, they all seemed to really enjoy it as the class went on.

I love some of the status updates on some of the pages – my favourite: van Gogh: “Just had an argument with my mate! Feel like cutting my ear off!”