Art theory board game. How to make Art revision fun!

14 Nov 2014

Category: Art, Art Lesson Plans

It’s that time of year again – exams! There’s nothing more irritating than going to the effort of putting together a revision booklet for the class and having them ignore it totally only to talk about the upcoming holidays.
This time around I put together an Art Revision Board Game! The ISM GAME!


Throughout the semester in Year 10 Art, we studied Impressionism, Surrealism, Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism (hence the ISM game name). The board game idea was pretty simple really – 3 sets of cards covering Characteristics of each movement, Artworks and Artists from each movement. The board was put together in Illustrator, then it was a date with the
photocopier and a massive date with the laminating machine!! (Which blew up mid game production mind you!)

art theory board game

With the help my trusty school Art assistant, I made 7 full sets (one for each table in my art room).


Was it worth it? YES! They played it over and over again! And they actually looked like they were having fun revising for an exam!! Who knew revision could be fun!?


What did exam results say about the success of the game? The lowest mark in 2 classes (46 students) was 75%. Pretty happy with that.