A day at Nonna & Nonno’s house

8 Jul 2013

Category: Home Decor, Photography

Besides eating, eating and then eating again, there isn’t much else to do when visiting my grandparent’s house, so taking photos of the weird and occasionally creepy things, in their house helped pass the time today. Creepy item number 1… this face sculpture above the entrance mirror. Is this guy creepy? Or is he creepy?


The woman below is also a tad creepy. Is it the emotionless eyes or the hat?


apple sculpture


cat artwork

I don’t normally like giving air time to cats, but I actually quite like this artwork.

floral chair

I have NEVER seen anyone ever sit on this chair. Yet, Nonna still won’t let me have it!

floral wall piece
italian biscuits

These were definitely not creepy.

jester lamp

One could say this jester is creepy too, what with his odd lampshade hat.


Ahh.. this old stove has many a memory. I remember as a child the first thing I’d do upon arriving at Nonna’s was peer into the oven to see what was cooking. Actually, I did that today come to think of it.


I think this is an ash tray of sorts. The weirdest looking ash tray I’ve ever seen of course. You’ll notice the hanging light, and the little bench on the side opens up to store one’s tobacco possibly. It’s one of many ash trays in a home of non-smokers!


I think the only thing creepy about this photo is the white tux my Dad is wearing in that wedding photo! (and the odd cropping)